0.9.12-incubating and theming issue

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0.9.12-incubating and theming issue

Mike Smith
Hello all,

I have a theme that worked in 0.9.9 and partially works in 0.9.12.  The custom images and stylesheet load, but the translations do not load in 0.9.12.  Is there something that I am doing wrong for overriding the default translation in 0.9.12? I have scoured the documentation and am not seeing a change that would of broken this.  Below is a sample manifest.json that partially works. I know all the files are in the war file correctly per previous and current versions. The file is in /etc/guacamole/extensions with proper permissions and automatically loads in /usr/share/tomcat/.guacmole/...


    "guacamoleVersion" : "0.9.12-incubating",

    "name"      : "My Extension",
    "namespace" : "my-extension",

    "css" : [ "web/theme.css" ],

    "translations" : [ "translations/en.json" ],

    "resources" : {
        "web/images/logo.png"   : "image/png",
        "web/images/cancel.png" : "image/png",
        "web/images/delete.png" : "image/png"

I am also using an apache reverse proxy as well and can login with no issues to guacamole.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks,