Adding Support for the Meta Key within RDP Sessions

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Adding Support for the Meta Key within RDP Sessions


I'd like to ask if any support for the Meta Key is planned for gecko or
webkit based browsers in the near future.

The Meta key is also sometimes referred to as SUPER, WINDOWS or OS key.

Checking makes it
apparent, that the browsers are not sending the appropiate response "SUPER"
to be handled by Guacamoles base.keymap for rdp sessions in
guacamole-server. Probably by design, as it interferes with the use by the
operating system.

Chrome sends the following:
e.keyCode=91 e.which=91 e.keyIdentifier=undefined e.key=Meta e.altKey=false
e.ctrlKey=false e.altGraphKey=undefined e.metaKey=true e.shiftKey=false
e.location=1 e.keyLocation=undefined

While Firefox sends the following:
e.keyCode=91 e.which=91 e.keyIdentifier=undefined e.key=OS e.altKey=false
e.ctrlKey=false e.altGraphKey=undefined e.metaKey=false e.shiftKey=false
e.location=1 e.keyLocation=undefined

It also seems that atleast firefox had a reason to use "OS" as a new value
instead of "SUPER", as seen here

Consulting the now obsolete W3C DOM Level 3 Standardization gecko and webkit
follow currently, SUPER is also listed as a legacy key

The new working draft version also only lists the meta key, not the super
key anymore:

IMHO it makes sense to me to use the META key as the new standard key and
add another case for gecko based browsers which send "OS", which would make
it possible to finally use the Super-key without using the onscreen keyboard
in guacamole.The old "SUPER" value does not seem to be supported anymore by
most major browser engines.

I would really like to hear your opinion on this issue.

thanks for reading

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