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Bad sound quality

I'm getting choppy sound through guacamole which sounds like dropouts.  The
problem is worse when I move the mouse or manipulate the windows, which
makes me think there is some bandwidth restriction between the audio and
image data.  When it is most severe, the sound intermittently speeds up and
sometimes sounds like the data gets out of order.

The problem seems to be localized to guacamole -- if I connect directly to
the server using the xfreerdp command, it works fine.  Also, the same
problem is occurring over RDP and VNC connections.  This is happening when I
connect both from WAN and LAN.

I'm running guacamole v1.1.0 within docker but I also started my older
non-dockerized version 1.0.0 to see, and it does the same.

Any ideas on where to go with this would be really appreciated.

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