Guacamole 0.9.12 - Active Directory Group Question

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Guacamole 0.9.12 - Active Directory Group Question

I am trying to use Guacamole to allow a certain subset of my Active Directory population access to access Guacamole and have a certain set of connections.  Authentication via AD, connections stored in MariaDB.  Using a (guacamole) administrative user to share connections.  Everything is good and working, except I cannot find the right combination of parameter settings to have Guac read the members of an AD-based group and allow the administrative user to see them in the Users tab of Guacamole.  I can set it to allow the ALL users inside of AD to be seen, but given that my AD has thousands of users this is impractical.  I can configure Guac to only see users in a particular OU; but I cannot move only the subset of users to their own OU, because of previously configured solutions.  The users have to stay where they are.  So the best case is that I could add them to a group and place the group in a particular OU.

Suggestions or ideas?


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