Help in setting up guacamole-auth-json

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Help in setting up guacamole-auth-json

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I need help on setting up guacamole-auth-json for setting up authentication
and connect to RDP session which are provided in json file.

As far as I understand, the plugin allows to provide all connection
information in json file and signed using same key as defined in guacamole
properties file.

Let me know if this assumption is wrong,  I am not able get it work after
following below steps.


 - Ubuntu 16.04 (hosted in azure)
 - Guacamole server & client 0.9.14
 - tomcat 7


1. Configure and install guacamole, configure log to debug mode

2. Create a user-mapping.xml file for testing purpose.

3. Tested that I can connect to rdp session after log in using user name and
steps provided in  step 2

4. removed user-mapping.xml (as the connection info will be provided in json

5. Build auth-json package. Placed it in /etc/guacamole/extension/. Added
json secrete key to properties file ( for generating the key, I used "echo -n "jsonauth" | md5sum" which is
Content of properties file

6. restart tomcat 7, logs from tomcat7

7. Create auth.json file with content

8. encrypt file using the script provided.

root@guac-json:~# guacamole-auth-json-master/doc/ 26031110ca4b0559283bb327d968f9f4 auth.json


9. Posted the output as "data" variable to api/tokens

same time the log output of tomcat is

I event tried using rest client from another PC. But it failed with same
message. Kindly help me in solving this issue.

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