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Issues with Guac history search


I had a question about searches in the web interface of Guac 1.2.0.

The "Search" field in "Active Sessions" seems to work perfectly for all
usernames and hostnames.

On the other hand, the search field in "History" does not seem to work
properly for users.  It always works for connections, but I frequently
have users literally listed right on the display, and when I enter a
username, I get back 0 matches.  Why would that be?

As a feature request, it would be interesting to have some kind of
"stats" - how many connections are in use right now (without me scroling
through all the active screens and counting them manually), how many
today.  It would be great to see a little graph.  Maybe the information
stays around for a user configurable period.   In addition, the history
seems to go on forever.  Does guac ever clear the DB, or would I be
cleaning that up on my own manually through MySQL CLI?



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