Issues with secure file transfer

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Issues with secure file transfer

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Problem with :
File upload
File Download

1, Should I access the guacamole server using http  all works well.
2, Should I access it using https then
a. I can upload a file with max size 1Mbyte
any file bigger than 1Mbyte will receive  and error You do not have permission to upload this file. If you require access, please check your system settings, or check with your system administrator.
b. Downloading from the RDP to the client machine always gives an error
Disconnected : you have been disconnected however it gives the options to go home, reconnect or logout
c. Printing does not work

I can see the following error line into my guacamole error log :
reported that client prematurely closed connection, so upstream connection is closed too while sending to client

By the way the above scenario is for both private and public domain (I tried it with both and same behavior)

Could someone  please help ?