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PulseAudio connection reattempts


I have a use case that I can't figure out how to cover.  I have a VNC
connection configured to a machine that is running linux and port 5900(VNC
port) opened and in the LISTEN state.  When I start the connection I see in
the guacamole-server logs that VNC Connection is made and it attempts to
connect to PulseAudio once, fails and then never tries again.

The reason I need the retry is because the port listener 4713 (PulseAudio
port) is started up after a user logs in, its not using the PulseAudio
--system flag.  So my flow looks like this:
(VNC connection is made -> User is prompted for credentials -> Logged in and
PulseAudio starts as the user)

Is there a way to tell guacamole-server to attempt every 5 seconds?  I
couldn't find any configuration options in the user guide.  Or do I need to
change things around where PulseAudio is always running even without a user
logged in on the machine?

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