RDP enable-printing for Windows 7 servers

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RDP enable-printing for Windows 7 servers


I've noticed that enabling printing via PDF redirection works fine for most of my RDP servers except Windows 7.
Are there issues to enable PDF printing on this OS?

I configured this for the sessions:

guacConfigParameter: enable-printing=true
guacConfigParameter: printer-name=Local PDF

and I see this in the log:

guacd[17268]: Registered device 0 (Local PDF)
guacd[17268]: All supported devices sent.
guacd[17268]: Device 0 (Local PDF) connected successfully

However, the Windows 7 machines do NOT have the "Local PDF" printer. Windows 10, Windows 2012, 2016 and 2003 are all listing this printer just fine.

Are there any known issues, or is there anything I can check on the Windows 7 machines?



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