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RDP issue

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I've used Guacamole for a year or so and use it daily.  Recently I have encountered an issue when connecting to a Windows 7 VM - one which I connect to often:

- I start the session, log on and see my desktop.  All is well and I can browse and develop.
- If I start certain windows (the Cygwin mintty terminal is one of them) the session freezes.  Restarting the session results in the same freeze.

Interestingly, I can then RDP in from another windows machine (without guacamole involved) and close or cover the Cygwin mintty window.  Restarting the session via guacamole then works... until I uncover the Cygwin mintty window, whereupon it freezes again.  From this I deduce that painting of certain windows is causing issues with RDP somewhere in the chain.

The same behaviour is not present in a windows 10 machine via Guacamole.  There is nothing untoward in syslog and I hadn't changed Guacamole until this issue (I'm on the git version now - with no luck).

My dayjob is in C++/Java/Python software development so I'm happy to do any legwork - just want to get this fixed and would like some pointers from somebody with a deeper understanding.