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Stefan Unverricht
Hello everybody.

A small update:

Another article about Guacamole in EGroupware and two more video user  
reports (German).

EN: Guacamole - Connections and use

DE: Guacamole - Verbindungen und Benutzung

Videos (only German, sorry):

The next article will be more interesting for non EGroupware users again...


Stefan Unverricht schrieb am 31.05.20 um 18:57:

> Hello everybody.
> My name is Stefan and I am writing here as the EGroupware Community Manager.
> We develop EGroupware as classic groupware (+ ticket system, file  
> manager, project manager, file sharing, sync, ...) with some  
> integrated products like Collabora Online, Rocket.Chat, Jitsi, ...
> Through an integrated OpenID/OAuth2 server, docker and the  
> possibility to integrate applications as IFrame, we have (especially  
> for Corona) integrated Guacamole.
> I have written a article in our forum:
> I would like to receive comments, suggestions and ideas for  
> improvement. But also what we from EGroupware could contribute to  
> Guacamole.
> In German speaking media (press, forums, social media) I/we already  
> promote Guacamole.
> I have created an insert for our EGroupware flyer:
> I also gladly accept suggestions for improvement of my flyer.
> As quick information about EGroupware:
> Maybe the one or other German(or also English)-speaking user might  
> like to exchange ideas in our forum as well:
> Would anyone have the guacamole graphics/logos as svg for me? Then  
> please send a PN to [hidden email].
> Kind regards
> Stefan

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