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RemoteApp Windows Server 2016

I have two Windows Terminal Servers. One is running Windows 2008 and the
other Windows 2016. With Guacamole I am able to create RDP connections to
remoteapps published on either server.

The remoteapps launch and work as intended in either server. However, for
the apps published on the Windows 2016 server, I have a problem when they
are minimized.

Remoteapps on Windows Server 2008 can be minimized after guacamole connects
and launch the app. When minimized, the app shows down at the bottom of the
browser, so you can reopen it again.

Remoteapp on Windows Server 2016 can also be minimized ager guacamole
connects and launcht he app. But when minimized, the app dissapears. There
is no way to bring it back other than to launch Guacamole's on screen
keyboard and do Alt+Tab, so it shows what apps are running.

Is there a way Guacamole can make remoteapps published in Windows Server
2016 behave like they do when they are published  on a Windows 2008 server?

I realize this could be on the Windows Server configuration, but I couldn't
find any configuration setting there that will make guacamole not lose the
window of the remote app when minimized.


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Re: RemoteApp Windows Server 2016

Could you solve it? We have the same problem running Windows 2012 R2. The
only alternative to recover the minimized remoteapp from the black screen is
to send the key combination ALT + TAB

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