Segfault on RDP connection with 9.11

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Segfault on RDP connection with 9.11

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Hello all,

I'm new to Guacamole so please be patient if my question is stupid.

I've installed Guacamole 9.11 on Ubuntu LTS 16.04.2 server using the script provided here:

It worked quite well and I have a running Guacamole box that I tested successfully with VNC

When I try to establish a connection with RDP I have a segfault error in /var/log/syslog.

My RDP connection is extremely basic:

Hostname : "IP Address of the target server"
Port : 3389
No preconfigured user but result is the same with preconfigured user
Security mode : I tested each configuration but let's say TLS
Ignore certificate errors : YES

When I try to connect, I receive after a few seconds a "You have been disconnected" message.

Syslog entry is the following:

Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca guacd[1130]: Creating new client for protocol "rdp"
Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca guacd[1130]: Connection ID is "$9ea99889-fb0d-4334-8cc5-b43b2106809a"
Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca guacd[1540]: Security mode: RDP
Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca guacd[1540]: Resize method: none
Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca guacd[1540]: User "@2354bef7-94fb-4392-acff-592a0201a01a" joined connection "$9ea99889-fb0d-4334-8cc5-b43b2106809a" (1 users now present)
Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca guacd[1540]: No available audio encoding. Sound disabled.
Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca guacd[1540]: Loading keymap "base"
Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca guacd[1540]: Loading keymap "en-us-qwerty"
Mar  8 15:07:43 guaca kernel: [ 1404.529243] guacd[1550]: segfault at 8000000000 ip 0000008000000000 sp 00007f4140dfdc98 error 14
Mar  8 15:07:44 guaca guacd[1130]: Connection "$9ea99889-fb0d-4334-8cc5-b43b2106809a" removed.

To completely rule out the traditional Firewall/configuration error on the target side, I've installed xorg and openbox on the guacamole server and tested xfreerdp. It workd flawlessly:

sudo apt-get install xorg
sudo apt-get install openbox

xfreerdp /u:Username /p:Password /v:IP:Port

I must say that I'm a bit (a lot) stuck here.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your help