Ubuntu 19.10 + TigerVNC + Guacamole + pulseaudio = sound from wrong sink

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Ubuntu 19.10 + TigerVNC + Guacamole + pulseaudio = sound from wrong sink

I'm having a problem getting the correct audio to stream to my remote vnc
connection through Guacamole.  My setup is as follows:

Home server running Ubuntu 19.10, physical display on :0 logged in as me
using Gnome desktop, running an instance of TigerVNC which creates display
:1 running a cinnamon desktop as the same user.

While at work I use :1 through guacamole.

Yesterday I decided to enable audio as I wanted to listen to some music by
playing it on :1 and have it output to my office speakers.  After some
futzing I managed to get it to work by using paprefs to enable a RTP
multicast stream--at this point I thought everything was working, but when I
got home none of my wifi devices were connected to the home router as the
RTP multicast was flooding the network (known issue).  I disabled the
multicast RTP and everything reconnected.

Today I've been trying to figure out how to stream the audio without
multicast and I've run into a problem.  Guacamole now only streams audio
played to the default sink on the :0 desktop.  Even though the default sink
(and what the guacd logs say is being streamed) is the same on :0 and :1, it
only works from :0.

After numerous attempts of trial and error I'm looking for some help on
this.  While probably a pulseaudio configuration problem more than a
Guacamole problem, I'm hoping someone else may have experienced this and
knows the fix.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions,


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