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spiv wrk
Hi all,

We had an issue with a french customer that has an "azerty" layout.
If we use the "server-layout" and set the "fr-fr-azerty" value everything
works. After a customer said that he has multiple server layouts (some of
them are "fr-fr-azerty" and some of them are "en-us-qwerty") we tried the
"failsafe" option. It worked, to whatever keyboard layout his server has.

From documentation:

*"Unknown keyboard - this option sends only Unicode events and should work
for any keyboard, though not necessarily all RDP servers or
applications. If your server's keyboard layout is not yet supported, this
option should work in the meantime."*

Let's say all the servers in my scenario are windows servers.

Is there a downside to use "failsafe" as the default option?
Why isn't it a default in guacamole config?

Thank you so much,
Hope you will have the time to reply :)